General: Beginning of the blog

This is my very first entry for the InJenius blog.

The point of the blog is to document my personal experiences in fields such as Cyber Intelligence, Graphic Design, general tech and whatever else I find interesting to write about.

This blog will feature elements of my own research that I have conducted and the results I came to from research and attempting to explain it to anyone, disregarding their prior understanding where appropriate.

But I will also be talking about projects that I am working on. Including how I did it and following my thought process. These projects may then become available for others to learn from and help them understand.

The first topic I will be covering is the inner workings of the Enigma Machine, specifically the maths behind Enigma and why the maths and the amount of possible permutations matters in today's far more advanced society.

If you have any suggestions or improvements for the blog then please send them to [email protected].

19th June 2020

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