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Facebook VS TikTok

General, 29th October 2020

Facebook was one of the first social media companies to come under fire for the way they handle user data and who gains access. More recently though, TikTok has taken this position and has come under fire for how much data it harvests. But how does it really compare to Facebook?

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Secure Password Generation

General, 18th September 2020

The first step to being safer online is to have a secure password. But it isn't always easy knowing how to generate a secure password and then actually remember it. Let alone why this is so important and if your password is even secure.

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Social Engineering 101

Cyber, 14th August 2020

Social Engineering is a technique used in almost all cyber attacks such as phishing, baiting and more. It's an extremely broad topic but with some basic understandings, it's possible to help protect yourself from some of these attacks.

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The Twitter Hack of 2020

Cyber, 25th July 2020

In 2020, Twitter experienced one of the most disasterous attacks from a single hacking figure that caused verified accounts to tweet without knowing and possibly exposed Twitter to more attacks and how strong their systems actually are.

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GitHub Enigma Project

Coding, 7th July 2020

This post covers the announcement of my new python based enigma machine and github account. I look into the idea behind the project and some of the elements of actually coding it,

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The Maths of Enigma

Cyber, 23th June 2020

In this post, I discuss the mathematics of Enigma, how tough it was to break and how that compares to modern day computers.

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Beginning of the blog

General, 19th June 2020

This is the very first post of the blog, explaining my intentions and types of posts that will be featured.

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